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Collaborate Effectively,
and Beautifully.

The Best Customized Online Gaming Software Solution for Your Business

Features & Benefits

Great Is More Than

the casino solutions

the complex

From 2010 to present 2024

We have developed only casino platforms,

Not contrary to the company’s 14-year history,

​We provide output

Casino genuine games

TD GAMING sticks only to genuine products.

​We provide live video casino and slot games from various casino companies.

Admin is easy on the eyes

Easy on the eyes and convenient to operate

​Various customization is possible.

Episode 2024

The Best Customized Online Gaming Software Solution for Your Business

We help your business to be recognized by customers and grow more

Make your business grow more effectively and efficiently by generating huge profits

Specialized technical skills

Overall admin output

Specialized technical skills

- Multi-type admin: This is an administrator who can conduct online and offline (Seongpi store) sales at the same time.

- Online Admin: A system where users apply for deposits and withdrawals directly on the user page and compete with the head office.

- Offline Admin: A system that competes by depositing money at the store and depositing or withdrawing money directly from the store.

systematic management system

What Our Clients Are WANT

Distribution of various genuine live videos and slot games

(Single API / Integrated Money),
Smooth supply that will satisfy you at a reasonable price.

We provide system service.

Pete Adams
Creative Director at ArtBlip

Casino site creation Slot site creation.

Website design, server settings, security, management, updates.

Provides One of Wallet manager that is easy on the eyes and convenient.

Susan Li
Marketing Manager at Truvision

Development of new programs based on video transmission and

Including a wide range of casino game content,

Useful store manager solutions offline and

We analyze and develop a wide range of game solutions, including slots & RNG / mini games.

Elle Jansen
Design Team Lead at Fixteria

Industry Standard

Trusted by Experts

A Better Way to Work

Systematic developer participation group rooms and various information channels will maximize your sales power.

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